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Buy European Ecolabel Paints at Miniox with Eco-vouchers

What is an eco-voucher ?

They are similar to meal voucher but used to purchase ecological. Each employee can receive up to 250€ in eco-vouchers from their employers as additional advantages.

Miniox accepts Eco-voucher

Eco-voucher are accepted at Miniox to purchase paintings with the "Eco European label" sign (such as Sigma and Mathys brands).

Miniox EcoChèque
Miniox EcoChèque pub

Here is the list of products you can also find at Miniox, payable with Eco-voucher :

  • Cleaning products with European Ecolabel
  • Floor FSC or PEFC certified
  • Produits et services permettant des économies d'énergie (par exemple isolation)
  • Vitrifying for the floor
  • Soft furnishings

Feel free to visit, which lists products you can buy with eco-vouchers.

Eco-vouchers can't be exchanged into cash.