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History: a family tradition in paint and decoration

A family-owned company since 1938

Miniox is a family-owned company that was founded over 70 years ago in St. Gilles, Brussels, Belgium. Antirust products were then made in the decorative ironwork shop of the grandfather. At that time, such products were made of Lead Minimum and iron Oxide, which gave the name MINIOX.

Through generations (third generation today) and various addresses (2 addresses in St Gilles since 1938 Þ "chaussée de Forest", and then "rue Vanderschirck", our second point of sale "av. Dailly" in Schaerbeek in 1973, then "la Bascule" in Ixelles in 1987, and then in January 2000, our third store in Waterloo), we have become wholesalers and retailers of various brands of paint, floor and wall coverings, window fitting products, tools, and other accessories.

Miniox - conseils techniques peinture et décoration

Reputation, advice and services

Miniox's reputation has always been based on service, decoration and technical advice, a large selection of brands, a wide range of products, tinting machines with endless capabilities, a big inventory, home delivery, competitive pricing, and personalized assistance in the various showrooms especially designed for you.

Miniox is a leader in its field, and focuses on customer service to remain at the top.

Thank you for your help, positive comments, advice, and purchases. You are our future and success. We are and will remain at your entire disposal in the most effective way possible. We are looking forward to your next visit to any of our four stores.